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About us

Our Founder:

  • Product design engineer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Bartender and waiter

Ann started Pick Your Pour in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic after thinking and thinking about an idea she had a few years back.
If ever there was a time to go for it, it was then!

"I've worked for about 20 years in the hospitality industry as a bit of everything, but mostly as a bartender and waitress. I started at a café in the dishwashing/ice cream stand when I was 15. I've always liked fixing, creating and figuring out how things work. A few years after high school, I studied engineering in product design. I discovered that I loved design and usability. Simply put, how do you create products that people like to use and are useful? With Pick Your Pour, I get to combine my professional loves, design, product development and the hospitality industry."

Ann, PYP founder

How we should work with sustainability

UN Sustainability Goal 4 Icon

By 2030, achieve a significant increase in the number of young people and adults who have competence, including in technical subjects and vocational subjects, which are relevant for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship

- By assisting waiters / bartenders with the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and feel satisfaction in their job, we hope to increase the recognition of professional directions as a waiter / bartender.

- As a consequence of this, we also want to help those who leave the service industry, to gain experience from other fields.

UN Sustainability Goal 5 Icon

End all forms of discrimination against girls and women worldwide.

- We will ensure equal pay for all our employees with the same experience and seniority.

UN Sustainability Goal 8 Icon

Protect labor rights and promote a safe and secure working environment for all workers, including migrant workers and especially female immigrants, and workers in a precarious employment relationship.

- Our goal is to offer full-time positions in 'Pick Your Pour' unless the employee wants to work part-time.
- Our goal is to speak both English and Norwegian in the workplace in order to employ non-Norwegian speakers.

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