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Tasters Club


Tasters Club is a club where Pick Your Pour can share their love for cocktails with you and the other members!

This is where we will try new things, meet familiar and new people and be able to just relax one Friday night a month.

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Ann, your bartender witing for you

How does it work?

Every month we have an afterwork on a Friday, the second or third Friday of the month.

You pay a monthly price for membership and for the events you want to attend, you pay the entrance fee.
In this way, Tasters Club is run by the sharing is caring concept. It provides predictability so that it is possible to keep going every month even if some months there are not so many members who can. It also means that the price can be kept quite low per meeting.

The menu will consist of 5-6 cocktails each time and for the cocktail(s) that I have specially made, you will receive a small feedback note to help decide where it should be on future menus.

You will receive an email with information about the next meeting's theme and menu before each meeting.

Membership provides

  • 10 meetings a year.
  • 4 of cocktails every time you come to a meeting
  • 1-2 Pick Your Pour specials every time


  • February 23rd
  • March 22nd
  • April 19
  • May 31


  • 115 ,- Membership per month, not Mesh member
  • 75,- Membership per month, Mesh member
  • 350,- entrance fee per meeting
  • 200,- alcohol-free entrance to meeting
  • Drop-in entrance 540,-

Becomepart of Tasters Club!

To pay for your membership and entrance to the autumn meetings, sign up.

Do you have questions or need more information?
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